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3rd Ward Town Hall at Bronzeville Classical School

Thank you to everyone who joined Alderman Dowell for the recent Town Hall meeting at Bronzeville Classical School. And thank you to all the presenters who participated in the meeting. This informative discussion included presentations on: the new development proposed for 39th St. and King Drive, an update from CPS Network 9, a Pete’s Fresh Market update, an overview of the proposed development for 43rd St., an introduction to Chicago fines and fees reform and a recreational cannabis policy overview. A copy of the presentation given at the Town Hall meeting can be found below.

November 2019 BCS Town Hall Slides


Proposed CN Track Realignment Overview Fliers

The following fliers detail proposed changes to the St. Charles Air Line which runs through the South Loop just north of 16th St. The flier is a general overview of the proposed project, which covers the track and bridges between Clark St. and Michigan Ave. Fliers for each individual bridge will be created and each flier will be consistently updated throughout the life of the project to let residents know exactly what is happening in the neighborhood. Each flier also contains a phone number for questions or to register complaints with Canadian National (CN). The City of Chicago is working with CN to negotiate the best possible outcome for this project in order to limit not only the impact construction has on residents, but also to mitigate any long-term impact the track realignment may have on the community.SCAL Overview CN St. Charles Air Line Bridge Work_Page_1

SCAL Overview CN St. Charles Air Line Bridge Work_Page_2


SCAL - Michigan Ave Bridge Overview - 05AUG19-page-001 SCAL - Michigan Ave Bridge Overview - 05AUG19-page-002 SCAL - State Street Bridge Overview - 05AUG19 (1)-page-001 SCAL - State Street Bridge Overview - 05AUG19 (1)-page-002

One Central Zoning and PD 499 Documents

Thank you so much to Patrick Murphy and Bob McKenna from the City of Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development for putting on such an informative presentation on the underlying zoning governing the potential One Central development and the area’s existing planned developments. Below is a copy of the presentation offered at the meeting:

One Central Zoning Public Meeting Presentation

In addition, as promised during the meeting, Alderman Dowell worked with the Department of Planning and Development to publicly post the existing PD 499 documents and master plans. These files are below, organized in approxmate chronological order by type, and named for what function they serve (establishing the PD, amending the PD, establishing a Master Plan, etc.). If you have any questions regarding the presentation, the existing planned developments or the One Central project in general, please contact Alderman Dowell’s office at 773-373-9273 or email






PD499-Master Plan 1 – 1991

PD499-Master Plan 1 – 1993 – Amend. 1

PD499-Master Plan 1 – 1994 – Amend. 2

PD499-Master Plan 2 – 1999

PD499-Master Plan 2 – 2001 – Amend. 1

PD499-Master Plan 2 – 2005 – Amend. 2 – 1 of 2

PD499-Master Plan 2 – 2005 – Amend. 2 – 2 of 2

PD499-Master Plan 2 – 2008 – Amend. 3 – 1 of 2

PD499-Master Plan 2 – 2008 – Amend. 3 – 2 of 2

PD499-Master Plan 2 – 2015 – Amend. 4