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One Central Town Hall Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone who came out to the March 13th Town Hall meeting on the proposed One Central development. Below you will find a copy of Alderman Dowell’s remarks from the meeting, the slides presented by Landmark Development and a link to the video of the meeting. 

Alderman Pat Dowell – “Thank you everyone for coming tonight. I know you are all very interested in seeing Landmark Development’s proposal, so I won’t take up too much of your time.

But I have to take this opportunity to frame what you are about to see.

This is a proposal, nothing more than that. It’s in its infancy and any development over the tracks must go through many approval stages before it goes to City Council for a vote.

This is not the last time the One Central Station development will be reviewed by the public or the City.

Another important thing to remember is that Landmark already owns the air rights over the Metra tracks.

Bob Dunn and Landmark come to me with an idea for their property. I have asked them, as I do with all my developers, to come to the community and get feedback before submitting any official documents to the City for consideration.

That is what we are doing here today. Reviewing a development proposal for a project on private property.

There are of course limitations on what can be built on this property, and legal restrictions and covenants the developers must adhere to. Specifics on those regulations will be addressed by Landmark Development.

Also, please know that I have not signed off on any aspect of this proposal. Development over the tracks must receive my support before moving forward.

No back room deals have been struck. There are no handshake agreements on this project. Bob knows that I will hold him and his development accountable to the needs of my constituents first and foremost.

The size, shape, scope, and design of this project are all open for discussion. I encourage your constructive and open-minded suggestions for this currently underutilized property.

And that is what this property is. Underutilized. There is so much potential for this space. This is an initial discussion on what can be done to make this area better for both residents and the entire City of Chicago.

Remember, this is just the initial step in what will be a long, long process before anything is done over the Metra tracks.

So without further ado, I would like to turn it over to Bob Dunn of Landmark Development to begin the presentation.”

ONE Central Town Hall Meeting Presentation

Related Midwest Releases New CTA Red Line Proposal

At the request of Alderman Dowell and after substantial community feedback, Related Midwest has released a significantly revised proposal for a new CTA Red Line Station to service the 78 and surrounding South Loop community.

To be clear, this station is still just a proposal. Alderman Dowell has not signed off on the project.

For a complete recap of the presentation given by Related Midwest please click here.

Alderman Dowell a “No” on Proposed CTA Red Line Station for ‘The 78’ at 15th St. and Clark St.

Chicago, IL – Alderman Pat Dowell (3rd) is issuing the following press release regarding the CTA Red Line Station proposed for the southeast corner of 15th St. and Clark St. designed to service the new ‘78’ development and surrounding South Loop neighborhood.

“While I fully support ‘The 78’ development as unique and necessary opportunity for growth in the City of Chicago, I can not support Related Midwest’s proposal to add a new CTA Red Line Station on 15th St. and Clark St., right in the middle of an established, entirely residential area. This location would be too disruptive for my residents and completely out of character with the area.”

‘The 78’ is a 62-acre mixed-use development along Chicago’s riverfront extending from Roosevelt Rd. to 16th St., from Clark St. to the Chicago River. ‘The 78’ development is located in the 25th Ward, while the proposed CTA Red Line Station would be located in the 3rd Ward. Currently, the closest CTA train stations to ‘The 78’ are located at Roosevlet Rd./State St. and Cermak/Chinatown. The proposed CTA Red Line Station for 15th St. and Clark St. would be within the Dearborn Park II community, which consists exclusively of townhomes and several larger condominium buildings. Staging and construction for the new station would also impact Cotton Tail Park, a popular and widely used Chicago Park District neighborhood park. The construction of the proposed CTA Red Line Station would eliminate already limited community green space for years.

“I appreciate the hard work Curt Bailey and his team at Related Midwest have put in to ‘The 78.’ He has been more than willing to explain the CTA Red Line Station proposal to residents and open to meeting with the community to hear their thoughts. I recognize that is very difficult and I truly commend Related Midwest for their commitment. But throughout this process it has been clear that my constituents, who I am elected to represent, are against the new station. So as their Alderman, I respect my constituents’ voice and join them in opposing the CTA Red Line Station for 15th St. and Clark St.”

Previous approvals of ‘The 78’ project by City Council, which Alderman Dowell supported, did not contain any information regarding the proposed CTA Red Line Station at 15th St. and Clark St. Related Midwest crafted the proposal for a new CTA Red Line Station without community input from 3rd Ward residents. When Related Midwest asked for Alderman Dowell’s support for the project, Alderman Dowell held a Town Hall meeting on Monday, December 17, 2018 on the issue to introduce the proposal to the community prior to taking a position. At the Town Hall meeting, Curt Bailey and the Related Midwest team presented the proposed CTA Red Line Station and took comments from the over 200 residents in attendance. Since that meeting, Alderman Dowell has continued to solicit resident’s opinions on the project, receiving countless emails, a petition signed by over 500 residents in opposition to the station, social media messages and phone calls on the subject. The vast majority of these comments are firmly against the project.

Community Development Commission – Roosevelt/Clark TIF Meeting

February 5, 2019
1:00 pmto2:00 pm

On February 5th at 1:00 pm the Chicago Community Development Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposed Roosevelt/Clark TIF District. The meeting will be held in City Council Chambers, 121 N. LaSalle St., 2nd Floor. A proposed TIF map and FAQ on the new TIF District is included below.

Roosevelt-Clark TIF - Proposed Boundaries-page-001

Roosevelt-Clark TIF - FAQ-page-001

Roosevelt-Clark TIF - FAQ-page-002

Disruptive Housing Design Competition Now Open!!

Disruptive Design Competition

Phase 1 Submissions Now OPEN! 



Disruptive Design is a three-part competition that was organized by the Chicago Housing Policy Task Force—a group of organizations invested in creating affordable housing in Chicago —including Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) of Chicago, LISC Chicago, AIA Chicago, Northern Trust and Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives.
The competition invites architects from anywhere in the world to submit ideas and designs for building affordable starter homes at a low price—under $150 per square foot. The total sales price for each home, in this case, would not exceed $250,000.

The task force is working alongside Chicago Alderman Walter Burnett (Ward 27) and Alderman Pat Dowell (Third Ward) to produce affordable, replicable and dynamic housing prototypes on city-owned vacant lots in their wards.

Five finalists will be selected in February 2019; each final team will be awarded $10,000 (USD) to complete drawings. The winning submission will receive an additional $20,000 (USD).


Complete your submission by January 31, 2019!


Founder/Principal, David Baker Architects

Senior Vice President of Construction, Related Midwest

Founder/Principal, Civic Projects

Commissioner, Chicago Department of Buildings​

Professor of Urban Policy and Health, Parsons/The New School

Founder/Principal, Brook Architecture

Related Midwest Public Meeting on the 78

Thank you to Related Midwest and to the over 200 residents that attended the community meeting on December 17th to discuss Related Midwest’s proposal to construct a CTA Red Line Station on the southeast corner of 15th St. and Clark St. as part of the larger ’78’ development. Below please find a link that contains a .pdf copy of the presentation from the meeting.

First, for the sake of clarity, the 15th St. CTA Red Line Station is a proposal ONLY. Alderman Dowell required Related Midwest, the developers of the 78 and the group proposing the station, to come to the community to get feedback before the Alderman would consider the project. Alderman Dowell has not signed off on the proposal. No letters of support or permits have been signed by Alderman Dowell in regards to the proposed station. 

Second, it was clear from the community meeting held that the overwhelming majority of residents in the area are opposed to the placement of the station on the southeast corner of 15th St. and Clark St. You can be assured that Alderman Dowell, the City of Chicago and the developers have heard your concerns. Further comment from residents, businesses and neighbors is welcome and can be directed to

Third, Alderman Dowell and residents have made it clear that the placement of a new CTA station in the area must be revised significantly if the proposal is going to earn the support of the neighborhood. Additionally, Alderman Dowell will bring any revisions and responses from the developer to the community before she signs off on any part of the CTA Red Line Station project.

Pete’s Fresh Market and Single Family Home Design Competition Town Hall Recap

Thank you to everyone who came to the November 8th Town Hall Meeting at Apostolic Faith Church for the exciting announcement of a Pete’s Fresh Market on 39th St. and State St. and the introduction of the Affordable Single Family Home Design Competition for Bronzeville. These are two unique and exciting developments for the 3rd Ward.

Thank you to Zeb McLaurin, his entire development team, and Pete’s Fresh Market for their commitment to Bronzeville. Thank you to the Department of Planning and Development team lead by Aarti Kotak and Chip Hastings for their diligent work on developing the corner of 39th St. and State St. And thank you to the Fleet and Facility Management staff and the CHA for their work and cooperation on this development.

The full presentation offered at the November 8th meeting is available below.

November 2018 Town Hall Apostolic Faith Church

St. Charles Air Line Bridge Project

Canadian National (CN) is proposing the full renovation of the track and viaducts it owns along the St. Charles Air Line, which runs approximately along 16th Street between Clark St. and Indiana Ave. The scope of the project would include full renovation of the bridges at Clark St., Dearborn Ave., State St., Wabash Ave., and Michigan Ave. As this projects would have considerable impact on the community. Alderman Dowell has asked CN to work with the neighborhood to make sure resident concerns and input is taken into account before moving forward with the project.

For full plans of the proposed project, please click here.

If you have any comments you would like to share with Alderman Dowell’s office, Canadian National or CDOT, please feel free to email them to