Pete’s Fresh Market and Single Family Home Design Competition Town Hall Recap

Thank you to everyone who came to the November 8th Town Hall Meeting at Apostolic Faith Church for the exciting announcement of a Pete’s Fresh Market on 39th St. and State St. and the introduction of the Affordable Single Family Home Design Competition for Bronzeville. These are two unique and exciting developments for the 3rd Ward.

Thank you to Zeb McLaurin, his entire development team, and Pete’s Fresh Market for their commitment to Bronzeville. Thank you to the Department of Planning and Development team lead by Aarti Kotak and Chip Hastings for their diligent work on developing the corner of 39th St. and State St. And thank you to the Fleet and Facility Management staff and the CHA for their work and cooperation on this development.

The full presentation offered at the November 8th meeting is available below.

November 2018 Town Hall Apostolic Faith Church