Social Services

There are a number of organizations that can assist those in need of employment skills, housing, computer classes, utilities, and other social services. Click on the links below to find out more about how each agency can assist you.

  • CEDA/LIHEAP offers assistance for people in need of weatherization services and may be able to help with your overdue gas or electric bill.
  • Chicago Housing Authority offers market rate, affordable, and subsidized housing units throughout the city. With long waiting lists, vouchers can be difficult to obtain. However, it is worth checking the CHA website periodically to find out if there are any placed-based vouchers available (voucher is only good for that specific location).
  • Low Income Housing Trust Fund – The State of Illinois and the City of Chicago maintain lists of subsidized housing made available through the Low Income Housing Trust Fund. These units are often income-based and do not require any type of voucher.

If you are unable to find the resources you need, there are also a number of agencies located in the Third Ward that may be able to help. If you need further assistance, please contact Robert Elchert at (773) 373-9273 or