The recently enacted parking pilot on Indiana Ave. from Roosevelt Rd. to 14th St. was recommended by the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) after multiple community meetings and based on an extensive traffic study (available here), to help solve the extensive pedestrian and traffic safety issues on the Indiana Ave. As is mentioned in the traffic study, multiple alternatives have either already been implemented, or thoroughly investigated, and the parking pilot is the next step proposed by traffic experts to make the street safer for everyone who uses it.

Parking pilots can typically last up to six months to allow CDOT to gauge the impact of the change through many different types of traffic conditions (seasons, special events, weather, rush hour, etc.). Pilots can be changed, modified, or canceled based on CDOT recommendations, and observations and input from the community. Residents are encouraged to reach out to the 3rd Ward Public Service Office at [email protected] to submit their thoughts and opinions on the pilot. At the conclusion of the pilot program, Alderman Dowell and CDOT will conduct additional outreach to residents before making any final decision on the restoration of parking on Indiana Ave. from Roosevelt Rd. to 14th St.