City Stickers
The City Sticker and Residential Zone Stickers are managed by the Chicago City Clerk’s Office. There are many different types of parking throughout the City of Chicago. Every vehicle in Chicago must have the Chicago City Sticker, which must be renewed every year or two years depending on the type of sticker you purchase. You can learn more about City Sticker Sales at

Residential Zone Parking
Some areas are designated for the residents who live there. You must obtain a Residential Zone Parking sticker from the City Clerk in order to park in a designated area. In areas where zone parking exists, you should be able to locate your zone number on the signs on your block that designate the area for zone parking. For more information about zone parking, please visit

Soldier Field Event Parking Restrictions
Parking restrictions are in place for the South Loop from Roosevelt Road to Cermak Rd. from Lake Shore Drive to Clark St. during all Chicago Bears football games and many other Soldier Field events, Wintrust Arena events have been removed from the parking restrictions. Vehicles parked in the South Loop without a valid Soldier Field Event Parking Pass, Soldier Field Event Guest Pass or Residential Permit Parking pass (for Residential Permit Parking Streets ONLY) are subject to ticketing or towing. Cars displaying Residential Permit Parking Passes or Residential Permit Parking Guest Passes are considered compliant with the Soldier Field Event Permit Parking Program if they are parked on the associated Residential Permit Parking street.

2022-2023 Soldier Field Event Parking placards are good through the END of August 2023. New 2022-2023 Soldier Field Event Parking Passes are mailed to residents with vehicles registered in the South Loop by the Chicago Department of Finance, which will complete the mailing by the second week of August 2022. If you do not receive your pass in the mail by the end of the second week of August, you can contact Alderman Dowell’s Office for replacement passes. You will need to show proof of residency to receive replacement passes.

For a complete list of Soldier Field events, please visit All Soldier Field events are subject to change, including cancellation or the scheduling of additional events. It is your responsibility to adhere to the parking restrictions in place.

White Sox Parking
Similar to Soldier Field parking, people who live in Wentworth Gardens or in an area designated for no parking on Guaranteed Rate Field game/event days will need to receive a free White Sox Parking sticker from Alderman Dowell’s office. You can also get up to two guest passes for your visitors.

Parking sign that shows details on rules and tow zone in red on the bottom

Got a Ticket?
Parking tickets can be issued for a variety of reasons. The most common are related to parking meters, street sweeping, and red light/speed cameras. If you feel you have been written a ticket in error, you can contest in writing or in person. For more information about how to contest a ticket, call the City Clerk’s Office at 312-744-6770, click here, or contact Allyson Allison at (773) 373-9273.