Alderman Dowell has hosted multiple community meetings over the past few years to help improve pedestrian and traffic safety along Indiana Ave. between Roosevelt Rd. and 14th St. Some of the changes undertaken as a result of these meetings include the installation of a speed table at 13th St. and Indiana Ave., as well as parking/traffic changes on 13th St. Unfortunately, this stretch of Indiana Ave. remains dangerous for pedestrians and a difficult crossing for vehicles at 13th St.

During the most recent town hall meetings on this issue, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) proposed reinstituting parking on Indiana Ave. between Roosevelt Rd. and 14th St. as a solution to the ongoing traffic and pedestrian problems. After gathering community feedback, Alderman Dowell has asked CDOT to move forward with a parking pilot program so the community and City officials can adequately assess the change’s impact. The pilot will begin in August and run for multiple months (exact end date TBD). At the conclusion of the pilot, CDOT will discuss its impact with the community before deciding whether to make the change permanent or not.

The pilot program will restore parking along the curb lane on the west side of Indiana Ave. from Roosevelt Rd. intersection to the 14th St. intersection, and on the east side of Indiana from 13th St. to 14th St.. Existing bus stops will be maintained. Loading/standing zones to accommodate rideshare and delivery drivers can be established if applied for. Soldier Field Parking Restrictions will be upheld for all vehicles parked on the block. Additionally, the two lanes of traffic on northbound Indiana Ave. from Roosevelt Rd. to 13th St. will be maintained.

The Indiana Ave. already sees significant illegal vehicle parking/standing, especially during Soldier Field and Grant Park events. These new parking regulations will offer consistency for traffic and a much easier crossing for pedestrians along Indiana Ave. However, if the pilot has an outsized negative effect on the community, CDOT is able to revert the street back to two-way traffic.

Thank you for your understanding as we attempt to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors in the South Loop. If you have questions or would like to comment on the parking pilot, please email [email protected].